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8608 Lending

8608 Capital is a boutique mortgage lender based in the Toronto Area and provides an alternative to bank financing.

8608 Capital has built an impeccable reputation as a dependable and astute lender, originating and managing a growing portfolio of commercial mortgages.  

Our core services include land financing, commercial mortgage loans as well as construction financing.

1 \ Private Real Estate Lending

8608 Capital has a long and fruitful history of successfully investing in mortgages. Loans are secured at an average loan to value of 75% against real estate in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad. Our loans range in rates from 7% to 12%.


The success of 8608 Capital can be attributed to our low tolerance for risk, and careful adherence to prudent underwriting principles.

2 \ Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine Financing is tailored to the needs of the borrower, guiding them through the process of turning raw land into fully developed properties.  This entails  financing consultants and the carrying costs of the project. The exit strategy will be to refinance the land after rezoning.

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