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8608 Global Realty 

At 8608 Global Realty, we specialize in commercial and residential properties, sourcing the perfect opportunities globally. From development projects to pre-construction and turnkey properties, our expert team carefully evaluates each property and verifies the accuracy of all information provided.


This helps us assess risk and ensure fair market value, considering market growth and maximizing rental income potential. With a focus on professionalism and financial expertise, we offer full-service support for sales and acquisitions, including negotiation, deal structuring, financing, and collaboration with legal, tax, and banking partners. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure a secure and seamless transaction from start to finish.

1 \ Income Producing Properties

At 8608 Global Realty, we understand the importance of investing in income producing properties. That's why our team is dedicated to finding properties with the highest rental income potential.


We carefully select properties in locations that are in high demand for leasing, making it easy to find tenants and maximize profits. Our team also takes into consideration the current cap rate and the potential for increasing it in the future. Our team do this by exploring options such as adding more units or upgrading the building. Our focus on income producing properties ensures that our clients can see a strong return on their investment and build a successful portfolio.


Trust 8608 Global Realty to help you find the best income producing properties in prime locations.

2 \ Developmen Properties 


At 8608 Global Realty, our team of experts is dedicated to identifying and acquiring the most promising development land. With a keen eye for potential, we strategically analyze corners and intersections to assemble the most valuable parcels of land. Our team of expert planners carefully considers the current zoning and density regulations in order to maximize the potential of each assembly. From there, our architects create mass drawings to aid the budgeting team in conducting a thorough cost analysis of the potential project. Once this process is complete, our team determines the value of the assembly and each individual piece of land within it.


From the time of assembly to the completion of the project, our team is committed to providing support and guidance every step of the way. Trust 8608 Global Realty to turn your development dreams into a reality.

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