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Our Story


8608 Capital Partners provides a comprehensive range of integrated investment banking products and services to address the entire capital structure, combining sophisticated technical expertise with access to a large pool of institutional and ultra high net worth investors.

Uniting market insight and intelligence with deep capital market expertise, we create and manage tailored solutions to achieve client strategic objectives. Beginning with comprehensive research, our expertise continues through advisory services, securities sales and trading, capital raising, and finally, execution.

Whatever the challenge or transaction, our professional advisors guide both private and public clients through the entire process, step by step.

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With a thriving network of experts, influencers, and pioneers, being a client of 8608 Capital opens doors to many opportunities. Powerful insight, extensive connections and carefully crafted events inspire, empower, and challenge those we work with. Whatever their background, industry or experience, 8608 Capital Group clients innovate and reshape perceptions.


Your Needs


Why Us

Discerning investors and entrepreneurs select 8608 Capital Group for results, performance and service. However, there is one common strength that underlies all other successes: the preeminent value we place on relationships - both with business partners and influential clients alike.

The exclusive global network of relationships that we represent is a vital distinction that sets us apart, bringing with it several profound benefits: the investments we can access, the introductions we can elect, and the discriminating counsel we can deliver on both investment and capital services.

For investors, 8608 Capital Group is able to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by identifying and pursuing opportunities that are often proprietary and difficult to access. We also contribute value in real-time custom portfolio management, as opposed to the static approach of many boutique investments firms. In addition, our comprehensive family office services are second to none.

With 8608 capital's rare combination of market intelligence, world-class executional capability, deal-making proficiency, risk management expertise and strong global network, the success of our clients always remains our primary focus

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