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Our Mission

8608 Capital mortgage fund is a boutique mortgage lender based in the Toronto Area supporting Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Advisers, as well as Builders and Developers with Non-Bank Mortgage Lending Services. 

Founded in 2018, 8608 Capital mortgage fund has built an impeccable reputation as a dependable and astute lender, originating and managing a growing portfolio of first commercial mortgages. 


Our core services include project financing as well as Industrial and Commercial mortgage loans as well as construction funding selectively.

Leasing Solution

8608 Capital has a long and fruitful history of successfully investing investor funds in mortgages. In early 2018, 8608 Capital formed a closed-end investment fund, secured by a portfolio of commercial first mortgages, to build a larger-scale platform. Since its inception, 8608 Capital has invested and facilitated over hundreds of millions dollars, consistently generating steady and high rates of returns for a diverse client base.


8608 Capital Investment Corporation, the manager of the Fund, has generated an average annualized return to investors of approximately 10% over the past years.


The success of 8608 Capital can be attributed to our low tolerance for risk, and careful adherence to prudent underwriting principles.

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Quantitative Criteria

First Mortgages: 


We only lend in a 1st position or as a quasi-first position (less than 20% of the portfolio) being a “B” or subsequent position, in a structured first mortgage loan. This allows us to benefit from higher returns, with minimal added risk, compare to funding the entire mortgage as a simple first.


Loan-to-Value Ratio: 


We typically lend at 50% to 65% Loan-to-Value (selectively higher to 75%), leaving adequate borrower equity and a safety net in the event of any required enforcement.


Debt Coverage: 


We ensure that there is adequate debt coverage for every loan and the fund will retain 50bps as a loan loss reserve.

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