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We work to                make wealth

Rise towards             the peak

Greatness Is Here.

Our Mission

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With an in-depth understanding of the world you live in, 8608 Capital groups provides modern private investments banking underpinned by a distinguished tradition of service. We provide choice and flexibility in managing your finances while preserving the personal touch and accessibility that 8608 Capital groups has to offer.

Private Funds 

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 Realty Fund

​Private Real Estate fund in North America, with focus on developments and build mid to high-rise condominium developments

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Mortgage Fund 

Private Mortgage Investment Fund is a non-bank lender that provides residential, builder construction financing and commercial real estate financing. 

Our Clients 

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With sharp insight and business acumen, shaped by the experience of working with high and ultra-high-net worth individuals, we value the complexity of the lives you lead.

As experts in the drive of wealth generation and the intricacies of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, 8608 Capital Investments is positioned to understand and meet your needs.

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