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Nima Zad

Business Development
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Nima Zad brings unique insight to the world of investment banking and finance, through his deep knowledge of Electrical Engineering, and years of experience in the Nuclear industry.

Initially, Nima studied electrical engineering at University of Waterloo, before leaving part-way through his program to open his own consulting firm in Dubai.  After a few years gaining experience in the industry and navigating the GCC markets, he returned to Canada to complete his studies, receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on wireless communications. 


Upon graduation, he transitioned into a career in electrical engineering, eventually entering into the Nuclear space and establishing his own company, working alongside both private and public sector companies in the nuclear industry.



Today, Nima has shifted his focus to business and finance, utilizing the business know-how he acquired through establishing and operating his own companies, coupled with the sharp and innovative mind of an engineer, to begin his career in the investment banking arena. Nima adds great value to the firm through his technological expertise, leading the technology and information development of 8608, and lending his talents and knowledge to help navigate and expand within the ever-changing and rapidly evolving tech industry.  He currently serves at 8608 Capital in the area of Business Development, helping to expand the firm's reach and scope of operations.

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