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Khaleel Boul

Business Development
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Khaleel Boul has amassed a plethora of invaluable knowledge and skills throughout his decade-long career in the finance industry, having worked on deals of all scales with various clients across Canada.


Initially gaining financial experience through positions at  some of Canada’s largest institutional banks as both an advisor and analyst, then later progressing to very well known and established private lending groups , Khaleel familiarized himself with the intricacies of all facets of finance in both the institutional and the private sectors.  Naturally, Khaleel  proceeded to put his skills to work and expanded his credentials across multiple provinces,  allowing him to further serve his loyal clients and provide them with the best possible rates and services. 


Khaleel’s in-depth knowledge, along with a long list of loyal, satisfied clients and a diverse network of financial contacts, have made him an integral member of 8608 Capital, where he serves today as a valued Business Developer.

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