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Anthony Rossi

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In 2012 Anthony was recognized by the "Worldwide Who’s Who of Business" as one of the top executives under 30. in 2020, Anthony was also selected as one of the top 100 executives in the country by the Canadian Professionals Magazine.

Anthony builds companies from scratch, ground up, and is a exceptional business operator. He is nothing short of a "sales scientist" he is surely a modern day business leader to watch in 2020 onwards. With 15+ years of leadership experience ; Anthony has created billions of dollars worth of sales revenue for his clients, partners and employers alike. Anthony's diverse expertise started by knocking on doors selling energy products, to managing hundreds of sales people before he was 25. In his late 20s he worked in corporate sales within mutlitple leadership roles from Start-Ups to Fortune 500s. Always having the great foresight and deep ambitions, Anthony founded or co-founded over 9 different start ups before his 31st birthday.

Today Anthony's focuses are; Energy, Technology, Research & Development, Cannabis, Artificial Intelligence and real estate.

He has recently built a division of his marketing agency called Force One Capital. He is brokering big business deals in the private equity space with all kinds of different businesses, all over the globe.

Feel free to connect for current and potential synergies. He is open and keen for fruitful new projects / relationships of business, and welcomes almost all conversations.

Verticals - Software, Technology, Media, Advertising, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunications

Brands - Reliance Home Comfort, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, Samsung, Moosehead, Boeing, TELUS, Northbridge, Best Western, Liberty Grand, Centrica, Makita, PayTech, Canadian Solar, Acklands Grainger, HIP Digital, Norton Rose, Baskin Robbins, Nike, Ring Central, City of Ottawa, American Express. 

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