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Maria Leyderman 

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Through many years of invaluable experience in the Sales, Marketing and Hospitality industries, Maria Leyderman has acquired a wealth of knowledge and fine-tuned her skills to launch a successful career as a Real Estate Representative and Land Acquisition/Development Specialist today. Beginning her career in Hospitality and Travel Miss Marshakova utilized her time travelling to many different countries, being exposed to different Real Estate markets and styles of architecture, as well as forging relationships with individuals in all regions.


Her diligence, attention to detail and dedication to her work landed her various roles at several notable international companies, from Park Hyatt to Expedia Group, where she exceled in all aspects, using her positions to create countless promising opportunities ad solidifying her foundation in Real Estate on a global scale.


Today, Maria is active in the Real Estate Industry, having closed countless deals across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. She initially entered into Real Estate as a Representative for Keller Williams Realty in 2018, but has since transferred her talents to Forest Hill Real Estate Brokerage, building a strong reputation based on a track record of honesty and professionalism.


Maria has established networks and contacts with builders, developers, and real estate entrepreneurs in all continents, which allows her to have access to many exclusive deals and potential Real Estate opportunities all over the world. These connections, and experience in closing deals, along with the fact that Maria is adept at locating and acquiring the perfect lands to suit specific project needs, are a few of the many reasons she has been successful in lending her services to many notable firms as a Land Acquisition/Development Specialist recently. 

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